11 Out Of 10

For this post I have come up with an outfit that I consider perfect for sunny spring day. I would probably wear this on a shopping trip or maybe for spending some time outside with friends. This look is very laid back and comfortable while the long cardigan still makes a statement on its own and keeps you warm and covered when it get’s a little chilly. Honestly, I recently rediscovered this piece cleaning out my closet a couple of days ago with the help of a close friend . This was definitely necessary since it had gotten to a point where I simply could not find anything and even forgot about things that I had bought. Just a quick tipp when you feel like you don’t have nothing to wear: it might help to have a look at what you already own and to get rid of things that are basically using up space for no reason. That way you have to think about how you would wear something and whether or not it’s worth keeping.

Lastly I should probably explain the title of this post. ’11 out of 10′ was inspired by an old, drunk man sitting on a bench in a train station at half past eight on a Saturday morning. I know this must sound completely weird and it actually was. On the way the location we chose we passed this man who for some reason must have felt the urge to comment on my clothes. He shouted ‘nice outfit, 11 out of 10’ as if he was a a professional sitting in front row at fashion week judging about some model’s outfit. Even though they probably don’t yell but you get what I mean. I was too confused (as always) by this sudden compliment to answer. Looking back, I wish I had responded ‘thank you’ or ‘have a nice day’ or ‘I like yours too’ or at least some kind of reaction than just looking stupid and walking away. There is no chance that he reads this but just in case: thank you, that gesture kind of made my day even though it was maybe just meant as a joke.


From A to Z

Photographer: Paula Larsen

  • Cardigan – Zara
  • Shorts – Levi’s
  • Shoes – Adidas Superstar Foundation
  • Bag – Asos
  • Bracelet – gift by my best friend <3
  • Top – Zara


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