Everything Black

"This black hole's pulling me inside
Of this black heart, this black soul
Underneath this black, black sky"

I would consider myself being fully back home for about one and a half weeks. The 1 day I had between Bali and Amsterdam doesn’t really count in my opinion. Having been away for so long and then coming back is weird. I feel like as if I had been on another planet with a different time, a different life, different people and a different me. Here, nothing really has changed yet everything seems unfamiliar familiar. Walking the streets I still feel like a stranger in my own home. Memories come back, happy ones but also ones that I have been trying to forget. The emotional roller coaster continues

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Dressing Up & Ed Sheeran in Amsterdam

I didn’t even have two full days at home until I left for Amsterdam again. Enough time to unpack my back, get the job that  I wanted so badly and get my roots done. The reason why I just had this short “layover” was the Ed Sheeran concert in Amsterdam. When he announced his tour dates about two months ago, I was super bummed that he would perform in Hamburg shortly before my return. There is just a couple of artists that I would travel out of the country for and he is certainly one of them. So I decided to get tickets for his concert in

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