3 Shades Of Cat

I have always been of the opinion that my face was just not made for wearing sunglasses. Whenever I liked a pair and tried it on in the shop it either made me look like a dragonfly with those giant eyes or just weird because of my – in my mind – strangely long nose bridge. This is the reason why I practically used to go blind in the sunlight and squint my eyes until I basically couldn’t see anything. Yes, used to. About a month ago I randomly walked into ‘& other stories’ not really on the hunt for anything. But we all know this phenomenon. One has no intention to buy something what so ever and then you miraculously end up with at least one thing in your bag. When I discovered this black pair of sunglasses and decided to put it on I expected me to react as usual: one or two seconds of examining skeptically my reflection and then the final silent laughter to myself while putting them back on the shelf. But this time it was different. Looking in the mirror I was surprised to find myself thinking that I didn’t look bad at all. In fact, I even looked quite good. Was it possible that I had finally found what I thought never existed? A par of shades that actually suited my face? Nevertheless, I left the store without a purchase. Two weeks later I went back and bought the glasses anyway. Nothing haunts you more than things you didn’t buy especially when you feel like you really had a lucky strike. This must have really got the ball rolling because since then I have already extended my mini collection to three pairs.

Foto 19.07.16, 11 34 33.jpg

Foto 17.07.16, 19 16 47

As you can see, they are more or less all in the same style. I just love about cat eye shaped sunglasses that they make you look edgy, feminine and sexy at the same time. I am so happy to have finally found some that flatter my face shape that I wish I could wear them all the time. I actually just wanted to show you my latest obsessions but apparently I can’t help ending on a random note about body positivity. Anyhow, people spend so much time on feeling bad about themselves for something that is not their fault. They feel too curvy, too skinny, too tall, too this, too that and so one. Just like me be conscious about something minor like a nose bridge. You just have to realize that a piece of clothing or accessory that doesn’t fit should not affect your mood in any way. It’s just fabric or some kind of other material that someone has manufactured together to something we call ‘fashion’. Finding the perfect piece is all trial and error. Just keep searching and eventually you’ll find something that makes you feel comfortable about yourself as if it was only made for your type of beauty. And for the errors… have a good laugh, put it back and remind yourself that clothes are meant to be shaped for the human body not the other way around.



  • White sunglasses – Urban Outfitters
  • Black sunglasses – & Other Stories
  • Rosegold sunglasses – Monki


All copyrights belong to Anna Zoe Lutz

Photographer: Paula Larsen/Anna Zoe Lutz




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