All White – Gigi Hadid Inspired

Graduating from school is great. You know why? Two words: justified shopping. Where I live we don’t have proms on a regular basis. In fact, the few occasions where we get to play ‘dress up’ is when each student receives their diploma and then the final prom. So it comes naturally that besides all the positive side effects of finishing school – like freedom or simply getting rid of all the annoying teachers – we students get more and more excited for that special day. Especially the ones with a shopping problem like me would never miss an occasion to shop for and have been planning their outfits for months. I own my dresses for quite some time now and I can’t wait to get ready with all my girl friends for prom night. However, the dress you are about to see is not my prom dress but the dress I will be wearing for the ceremony in the afternoon. I just figured I might use it for an outfit post since it could be easily worn on a night out, a cocktail party or basically all the time since a LWD never goes out of style.

Putting together this look I decided to spice it up and make it a little more daring by adding an orange lipstick and some statement sunglasses which I have completely fallen in love with. This whole ensemble reminds me a little bit of something Gigi Hadid would wear since I have seen a couple of images of her in white choker dresses on the internet. I just love her style and this is definitely one of my favorite looks I have done so far (and one of the best shoots!) especially because it is a little different from the casual outfits you would usually find on my blog. When it comes to my actual graduation day I probably will be leaving out the orange lip (and of course the sunglasses) and stick to my nude shades. That’s just the style that makes me feel the most comfortable and like myself. By the way, if you want to know more  about stepping out of your comfort zone you can  check out my last post dedicated to this topic. But that’s it for this one. As always please comment, like and follow. I just get really excited when I get any kind of feedback from you guys appreciating our work. 🙂

From A to Z


Photographer: Paula Larsen, who gave me a really hard time picking photos because she slayed all of them..

All copyrights belong to Anna Zoe Lutz

Side note: you can click on the images to see them full size 🙂


  • Dress – Missguided
  • Shoes – New Look
  • Lipstick – Sleek ‘Flaunt it’
  • Nail polish – Maybelline ‘Orange shock’
  • Glasses – Monki


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