Committed To Fall

Fall has finally took over the place of the last bit of summer we had left. Summer wasn’t really being summer anyway lately, consisting of warm temperatures and a lot of rain. So I am quite glad to finally cozy up in my knits and coats and – yes, you guessed it – stock up on some fall and colder weather appropriate clothes. I already found the perfect pair of black leather boots from Zara which you can see me styling here and a super warm yet fashionable puffer jacket that I am probably going to feature in one of my upcoming posts. Since the day of this shoot was quite sunny and warm, I was able to get away with wearing this pastel yellow tee and those cat eye shades that I have been obsessed with recently and remind me of the 90’s even though I am not really sure, if that was really a 90’s thing.



To be honest, I have no idea what this second segment should be about. I have started over and over, but nothing really makes sense to me. I am writing this a day later than the rest and still my brain is just empty. Usually I talk about an experience associated with the outfit or the day of the shoot, or just a random story that I have in mind and feel like sharing. But today, today there is just nothing. Probably because that’s what I feel like. One of those moments where I am looking for my point and can’t find none. So I guess that’s the note I am ending this one. I am pretty sure with the next one I will have some stuff to talk about, so don’t worry. XX





Special thank you goes to my best friend!

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Mom Jean from Zara


Leather Boots from Zara


Similar ones from Zara, mine are actually from Asos


Sorry, I couldn’t find the Tee online :/ but it’s from Brandy Melville 



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