Faux Fur & Faux Diamonds

I had had this outfit post planned out in my head for quite some time until I finally got around to do it. Faux fur and those ‘diamond’ chokers that to be honest kind of look like dog collars have been trending lately and I completely jumped on the band wagon. I feel like especially the big and colorful fur coats really amp up a plain outfit by making it a little more edgy and fun. By the way, I would only wear faux fur. I don’t see the point in wearing real fur when you can have the same effect for less money and without torturing and abusing innocent animals. Anyway, this jacket has easily become one of my favorites also because I have been having a weird obsession with blush colors which means my shade range now includes black, white, grey, certain shades of blue and those muted pinks.










I paired this jacket with some mom jeans and a band tee as a contrast to the color of the jacket while the fishnet tights just add some more detail to the whole look. The choker might not be everyone’s favorite but I just like that it’s a little bit over the top and almost tacky. I just threw on a hat because of the cold weather and also because it was raining that day. Shoutout to my best friend who took the photos even though our feet and hands were freezing. She is back from London for the holidays and I am just super happy have her here before I leave for Cape Town. I am planning to get up two more posts before that. One of them is going to be a giant haul as I have mentioned before and the next one is probably going to be about a quick tip on how to clean white sneakers. So if you are interested in that (or maybe in my posts about my experience traveling in South Africa) feel free to follow this blog! Until then x


  • Jacket – H & M
  • Jeans – Zara
  • Fishnet tights – H & M
  • Shoes – Adidas Superstars
  • Choker – River Island or Forever 21
  • T-Shirt – Missguided
  • Hat – Don’t remember, but it says Thinsulate on it


Photographer: Emma aka Babygirl

Content created by Anna Zoe Lutz

Instagram @theannazoe

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