Finding Beauty In Little Things

Being the perfectionist that I am I do not only put a lot of thought into my outfits but also in the background of my photos. Finding a fitting location can be quite tricky. Especially in these situations where you are desperately in need of one because you are planning to shoot the next day. However, this post was quite an easy one. I have accustomed myself to the habit of always being on the lookout for pretty places whenever I am out and about running some errands or meeting friends. Just last night I was at Paula’s when we decided to go and get some ice cream in the supermarket around the corner. We probably have walked this way a million times but it wasn’t until yesterday that I noticed the beauty of this particular building. This house I am talking about is just one part of a whole block and might be four times my age. But for some reason its white, sturdy walls and the flowers beside the entrance must have caught my eye. At that point I was still looking for a location for my next post so I figured that this should be the one.


Since that experience I try to pay more attention to my environment. Instead of rushing through life I let myself slow down a bit to have a closer look at things along my path.  Doing that I have realized that one can discover beauty in the most random places. It’s not only about the big monumental stuff that is probably listed in travel guides or something like that. It’s the little things that you can literally find around the corner. Architecture, streetart, flowers, even trees – I mean when you think about them they are quite cool haha. I know this sounds kind of stupid and a little bit over the top but thinking that way somehow cheers me up and makes me see everything in a different and more positive lighting. By the way, I am thinking about doing a new series like ‘impressions of …’ where I could show you guys some of the pictures I take whenever I spot something worth capturing. Now having a new phone with a better camera I will see if I can get enough material for something like that. As always I hope you enjoyed today’s post, thoughts and pictures and I would be very happy if you left me any kind of feedback.


  • Skirt – Levis (bought at Urban Outfitters)
  • Top – Brandy Melville
  • Shoes – Adidas Superstar Foundation
  • Choker – Zara
  • Bag – H & M



Photographer: Paula Larsen

Copyrights of the photos belong to Paula Larsen

Content created by Anna Zoe Lutz



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