Happy Halloween!

To be honest, where I live Halloween is not even a holiday. It’s usually a kid’s thing to dress up as something or someone else and go trick or treating. The older people are mostly not as passionate about Halloween anymore, there are some parties here and there but all in all everything is kept very low key. Personally, I have no plans for October 31st what so ever besides staying in bed or something. Yet, I love watching all those Halloween make-up tutorials uploaded on YouTube where people transform themselves from cute cats to gory zombies with half their faces falling off. I feel like probably every beauty channel also has a skull tutorial in some sort of shape or form and after watching thousands of them I finally felt inspired to try it myself (I will link the one I used down below). Anyway, I had this vision of me in that skeleton make up, maybe some cool clothes and a parking garage that made me really excited to make this project a reality. The only things I actually had to purchase where the face paint, some fishnet tights and  this skeleton bodysuit since I already owned the shoes and the coat.








Actually, there is a hilarious story behind the last picture. Paula and I were initially done taking photos and wanted to take the elevator and leave. But then we had the idea that it would be cool to take some photos with it. You know because there are kind of creepy. So I posed a couple of times in front of it and then decided to get in the elevator to make it look like the doors had just opened and a skeleton was waiting behind them to come for you. However, while I was standing in the elevator someone a few levels below us must have pushed the button. The doors closed and the elevator moved downwards. I am still wondering what this young couple thought when the doors opened and the first thing they see is a skeleton in thigh high boots and a faux fur coat. To me it seemed like they didn’t really know how to react either. But I had the feeling that during the ride the guy was trying to shield his girlfriend from me as if I was about to attack her or something. The situation there was already very awkward but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t find a way to bring the awkwardness to a whole new level. I think everyone is familiar with the phenomenon that when you are best not to laugh you for some reason just can’t help it. So I stood there in one corner of the elevator and suddenly start giggling like a crazy person. I desperately tried to suppress it which made it even worse. At this point, both of them looked terrified and relieved when the doors opened up again and they could escape from this alleged lunatic. At least I achieved my goal of scaring someone since for some reason most of the kids I came across seemed rather fascinated than scared. On that note, happy Halloween!


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  • Bodysuit – H&M
  • Tights – H&M
  • Coat – Missguided
  • Shoes – Asos

Tutorial: Skeleton Makeup Tutorial

Photographer: Paula Larsen

All rights to the pictures belong to Paula Larsen

Content created by Anna Zoe Lutz

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