Hello, It’s Me In Capetown

Traveling alone can be challenging. When you get lost, you get lost alone. Is there an issue, you usually have to deal with it yourself. All in all, being alone can get lonely sometimes. Moreover, as a fashion blogger, who likes to include a good of picture of herself here and there, I had to face another problem: who takes the photos? Of course, you can ask people to do it. But try to explain that you would like to have a selection of 267 pictures. Preferably from different angles, while you are posing like a wannabe model. Doesn’t work that way. So I have been stuck with the same touristy, “smile and pose in front of the monument” kind of pictures. Luckily, I met a lovely girl from England, who offered to do little shoot with me on her last day in Cape Town.













Once again, writing this post I have realized how good creating is for me. I haven’t been feeling that well during the last few days. Physically and emotionally. Additionally, something really annoying had happened yesterday right before the shoot. But taking pictures and posing in front of the camera helped me to get my mind off of things at least a little bit. Not entirely though, I probably still got a few days ahead of me to work on that. But shit happens and life goes on. Especially for me since I only got about one week until I leave Cape Town. Today is just going to be a beach and ‘sort myself out’ kind of day. Besides, I definitely have to get my priorities straight and work on my tan. So I should probably get out of bed right after I get this up and have some breakfast. Fascinating how I can already be this hungry when I had a big dinner yesterday. Anyway, I am rambling. See you soon X

  • T-Shirt – Topshop (still available)
  • Bag – Zara
  • Shorts – Levi’s (thrifted)
  • Shoes – H & M
  • Choker – Zara


A special thank you to Olivia who I hopefully will be seeing in Bali soon! <3

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