Memories Of Australia

I have been debating for quite some time now on how to  put my pictures and experiences of my two week trip to Australia together to create an interesting and appealing post. Coming to the conclusion I should keep the text to a minimum I have decided to take my favorite

pictures to create a collage sort of thing. I guess otherwise I could write a novel and still would not have said what I wanted to and probably bore everyone.  Me and my boyfriend traveled the Great Ocean Road in a van from Melbourne up to Adelaide, then all the way to Sydney and finally back to Melbourne along the shore. So here they are –  my favorite memories of Australia.

Nevertheless, maybe it is interesting to know why my stay was rather short for such a long journey and huge country. The real reason  for my trip was that my boyfriend has spent 3 months now traveling Australia. Since I am still in school I was restricted to vacation which did not stop me from visiting after such a long time not seeing him. Even though you probably need more than two weeks to really get to know this beautiful country and it’s starting to transfer into fall now I had the best time ever and enjoyed every day. To be fair, we could have met in the Arctic and I would have been happy. I think it’s true that having a great time depends on  who you spend it with instead of where.

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