Memories Of London

In Germany it’s a common thing for the graduates from high school to not start studying right away. A lot of us travel the world, do some volunteer work or just have a break from all the stress. One of my best friends is an au-pair in the UK and lives with her hostfamily for about two months now. Of course, I and another good friend of mine didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to pay her and the city that never sleeps (100 points for you if you know which song I am referring to) visit. We flew there on Thursday and spend Friday and Saturday doing some sightseeing and some massive damage to our bank accounts. Along the way I took some photos of which I already posted a fair amount of on my Instagram. Nevertheless, I would like to share a couple more of them and their stories on here.

King’s Cross/St. Pancras


“Fopp” – a really cool music, movie and book store with great deals near the Piccadilly Circus


The umbrella – a necessity in London (also, there is the Big Ben in the background)


If I had to live in London I would live in Notting Hill


Tbh, Chinatown is not that exciting. Basically a lot of restaurants with probably very delicious food. But it looks cool at night though 🙂


The typical touristy photo


Skygarden – an observation deck with bars, restaurants and plants. The view ist awesome from here.


You can never go wrong with the basic fish ‘n’ chips.

Even though our stay was rather short I haven’t had this much fun for a very long time. We literally walked for miles exploring the city, singing, laughing and chatting about life.  At the end of the day we were just relieved to finally just lie in bed, exhausted but happy. During high school we had been inseparable and this short trip reminded me of how I really miss these good old times. Besides, it also reminded me of how I love traveling and it also really got me motivated for my own journey starting in January which is shockingly only two months away from now. When I’m gone I will definitely upload more posts like this sharing my memories and favorite pictures. So please follow if you don’t already so that you don’t miss any of my posts. Until then 🙂


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