Oh My Culotte

I guess most of you are not really familiar with ‘culottes’. Or maybe you have heard the term one or two times in your life but never really associated any kind of fashion trend with it. But this summer the culotte is definitely coming. So what is this thing? ‘Culotte’ is actually french (props to me for realizing that after 7 years of french class haha) and means ‘pantie’. Okay, that’s not really what I am talking about either. For me, a culotte is the fashionable version of sweat pants. I am pretty sure this is not the official definition though. But seriously,  culottes are flowy, mid length pants with straight or even boot-cut legs and as far as I know they are usually high waisted. Due to their  cut they are definitely a statement on their own since culottes are just different from the everyday jeans. Nevertheless, you can decide whether you want to dress them down with some sneakers and a laid back T-Shirt or if you want to go for the more dressy version maybe with some heels and a fitted top. I chose this striped bralette from weekday, my favorite pair of sneakers and my black sunnies. A perfect look for a hot summer day spent in the city.

I have definitely fallen in love with this style of pants and I am excited to experiment with it a little more in the near future. Unfortunately, the weather where I am living is not the best right now. I am hoping that it will get a little warmer soon so I can have fun with summer clothes before is transitions into fall. Anyway, I would love to hear you guys’ opinion on this look or on culottes in general. They are probably something you either love or hate. So let me know in the comments to which side you belong to. I am agonizing right now what I could add to this second paragraph so that both are equally long. I should probably end on this note though and stop rambling on. So byeee 😉 XO

From A to Z

  • Culotte – Mango
  • Bralette – Weekday
  • Sneakers – Adidas Superstar
  • Bag – Thrifted
  • Sunglasses – & Other Stories

All copyrights belong to Anna Zoe Lutz

Photographer: Paula Larsen

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