Pink Matter

I feel like every girl has a thing when it comes to shopping. For the majority it is probably handbags or shoes. I mean, which girl doesn’t dream of a closet full of shoes? However, for me personally shoes only come second. My thing is jackets. It is not even an intention that I always end up buying them, it sort of just happens. If I had to guess I would say I probably own about20, collection growing. I feel like a nice coat or an outerwear piece can make an otherwise pretty basic look to something cool, chique, classy without a lot of effort. The baby that I’ve fallen in love with just recently is this light pink distressed denim jacket from Zara. Or as I like to call it, the Barbie run over. I have already told you about my obsession with pink, so when I saw this jacket in store, I just had to have it.

Quick funny background story behind the pants. Well, I don’t know if you’ll find it funny, but at least I think it is. I used to own pants like the ones I am wearing in the photos. You might even remember the black culotte from a post I did last year.  Anyway, they are the perfect alternative to shorts in hot weather which is the reason why I brought mine traveling. When I was on Bali, me and two other girls from my hostel decided to do the sunset hike up the Mount Batur. We had to get up at 2 a.m. in the morning to be picked up by a driver that took us and the rest of the group to the departure point. Long story short, the whole thing was a complete disaster. It was freezing, raining, slippery, dangerous, dark, foggy and on the summit we could see shit. I was wearing my black culottes, which were not weather appropriate what so ever. I told myself to never hike ever again in my life. The guides – that were more like running away from us instead of, well, guiding –  were sometimes so far ahead, that we occasionally got lost. I must say, I am an extremely clumsy person, but falling two times in a row on the same spot is pretty extra even for me. My knee was bleeding pretty badly and my pants ripped. Since then I had been on the hunt for a similar pair and finally found the one a couple of days ago. I know, you all probably don’t care about this story, but I told it anyway. XX



Pink Denim Jacket


Shoes – Calvin Klein Jeans

Tee – Monki


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