Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

The day we shot this blog post’s photos wasn’t really a good day for me. My anxiety kept me up half of the night and then I ended up sleeping until 3 p.m and was still feeling super tired and exhausted after I had finally  got up. I had actually been really excited to meet up with 2 of my closest friends, but I didn’t really manage to pull myself together. I felt like I was physically there, but not mentally. Trying my best to follow the conversation, my thoughts kept wandering off and I was feeling dizzy and kind of trapped in my own little bubble. I was hoping that eating would help (which it fortunately did), but prior, on our way to the table my coke slid off the tray that I was carrying. The good news were that I somehow managed to grab it last minute with minor spillage. However, in that movement my plate had started sliding as well, said goodbye and was basically flying off with Risotto spilling everywhere. Honestly, for a moment I was contemplating having a mental breakdown in the middle of the restaurant and it took me a lot to not start crying in front of everyone. Luckily, the staff was super nice and understanding and I got new food right away. Ironically, my coke pretty much survived this incident which was probably the reason that my Risotto didn’t.


We had also planned to shoot some photos on the rooftop of a parking garage after having dinner. I changed outfits in the restroom and we arrived at the location on time for the sunset. But – yes there is another ‘but’ – the flash of my camera wasn’t working. It kept overheating and we weren’t able to take any photos despite some test shots. Emma had brought her polaroid camera which I had actually just intended as an addition to the regular DSLR photos. We ended up using the whole camera film and even though the photos are kind of cute in person, it is difficult to get a similar vibe on screen, especially because of the low quality. I hope you guys like them anyway. I certainly do and it is definitely something different. At this point I want to say a big thank you to my friends, who not only endured the cold, but also accept my moods even though it if often hard to understand where I am coming from with my crazy thoughts. I guess this is part of what real friendship is, you don’t have to be alike to enjoy each other’s company. At the end of the day all that matters is loyalty, same humor and someone who is willing to help you wipe up the Risotto that you just spilled. XX



All copyrights are owned by Anna Zoe Lutz

Photographer: Emma

Assistant for posing, fun and sass: Fatma


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