Sporty Gal

I have never considered myself a sporty or athletic person until it sort of just happened. I was never really the kid to be all active, playing sports, running around and stuff. More like the reading, drawing, “please don’t make me catch things because I probably wont’t” type of girl. And I have always hated running, which is something that hasn’t changed at all. The only time you’ll see me run is probably for my life or out of money. But what has miraculously changed is that I actually found a sport that I enjoy. I have been kickboxing for about 5 years now and I still train at least 2 times a week. Whenever I tell this someone I am still astonished by how fast time flies and the fact that my lazy ass managed to pull through. Even though I sometimes have to force myself to get ready and leave my bed, I am always disappointed when for some reason I can’t make it to practice. Which just goes to show that everyone can find joy in exercise, you just actually have to give it a chance and find your thing.

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Blue Is The New Red

Even though I am someone that usually overthinks anything and everything there is still instances where I am the complete opposite and really couldn’t care less. I have always been very two-sided when it comes to my attitude towards things. Either I am extremely insecure or I am almost too sure of myself, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on the situation. Especially in fashion I wear whatever I feel like wearing that day and am not afraid to experiment with styles and looks other people might find weird. At the end of the day, people stare and judge no matter what, so you might as well just do you. Recently, I have been obsessed with deep blue sparkly lips and although it is probably the most high maintenance lip color to pull off besides red I still enjoy feeling like a badass wearing it until it smudges all over my face. 

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Back To Black

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language”

– Miuccia Prada

I have always agreed with people like Miuccia Prada claiming that fashion and style is a form of self expression. Since this blog is focused on this subject it is obvious that I am  a fashion enthusiast and shopping addict. Nevertheless, I have to admit that

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