The Last One

Remember when I got my second tattoo and my mother made me promise that this would be the last one? Turns out what everyone is saying about once you got one you want more is true. It didn’t even take me half a year to figure out what I wanted next. But then my traveling came in between and it didn’t feel like it was the right timing so another 6 months passed until I decided just to go for it. All my tattoos are by the same artist because a) he is really, really good at his job and b) I wanted my tattoos to match in style. I feel like with tattoo artists it is a little bit like with hair dressers, once you find one that you feel comfortable with you stick with them. I will link the studio down below in case you are interested and live in the Hamburg area. 


I don’t think I have ever told the background story of any of my tattoos. It is still a kind of personal subject to me, so won’t go into too much detail and keep it quite simple. By the way, I will link the posts about my other two tattoos down below as well. As you know the lion was my first one. I got him when I was in a really bad place as a reminder to never give up on me or on life. The lotus came second, not even half a year later and was at first just for aesthetic reasons. But then I realized that it actually was quite fitting as well as the lotus symbolizes purity and for me personally leaving the past behind and finding peace. And lastly, the mockingbird standing for freedom, traveling and also as a reference to one of my favorite Eminem songs. No, not a certain movie trilogy. That’s it in a nutshell. I hope I could explain this without sounding too corny, but I have a slight feeling I failed. Honestly, I think this might really be the last one at least for a couple of years. I believe in good numbers and three feels right. But I guess you never know. XO



Tattoo Studio – Für Immer & Ewig

1st – Lion

2nd – Lotus


All rights are owned by Anna Zoe Lutz

Photographer of the day: Emma <3

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