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After over a year I thought it was time to update this ‘About Me’ section on my blog. Also, I just read the last one and I am a little bit shocked. Either I was completely drunk writing this or – more likely – a couple of things went wrong when I was moving my website and things got messed up.

So, what has changed? I am over a year older, almost 20 which sounds too old for someone who still feels not quite ready for any type of adulting what so ever. I have graduated from high school, but learned my most important lessons outside of it, accidentally died my hair almost black, went back to blonde, got another tattoo, worked in a drugstore, quit and traveled for about three months in South Africa and South East Asia. Came back in the beginning of April and been working in retail since, which I surprisingly really enjoy, even though it involves human contact. University starts in a couple of months and just thinking about it I want to hide in my room under a blanket, so let’s not talk about that.



But there is still some things that haven’t changed. Obviously, my name is still Anna Zoé – hence ‘From A To Z’ -, but I am still just called by my second name and I still live in Hamburg, honestly still the best city in all of Germany. I am still either eating or buying my feelings, either over the moon or under a rock, still more like a staying in than going out kind of girl, still the worst cook I know and still going to kickboxing practice at least 2 times a week. Still dancing like a maniac when I am alone and still cracking jokes in the most inappropriate moments. I am still convinced that I have the best friends ever and I am still surprised about how the put up with me every single day.

I feel like for just jotting this down quickly I did a pretty decent job at portraying myself. Definitely better than whatever that was before. I could probably add what subjects I am mostly blogging about, but I think you get a better impression by just browsing through my posts. Usually, I combine fashion and travel pictures with a couple of anecdotes, background stories and thoughts. If you like what I do on here, it would mean a lot to me if you subscribed to get a notification whenever I upload or followed me on Instagram. You know, the stuff everyone says after videos and posts.





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