Back On Track

Sorry for being M.I.A. for the last few weeks. This was definitely not intended since I had planned to upload at least once a week. But somehow whenever I try to plan things everything turns out to be different anyway. First, the weather wasn’t cooperating at all and it was still raining and freezing in April. Then, scheduling an ‘appointment’ was not easy either. I got a lot of free time on my hand for possible shoots, but taking photos of me by myself doesn’t really work. Finally, we were able to not only find a free day, but also one with perfect weather conditions. I was super stoked to see how the new camera lens I bought would perform and it didn’t disappoint. It was recommended to me by two photographers I met on Bali and is 100 %  worth the investment. I look forward to playing around with it and see its full potential.

The outfit I am wearing in the pictures had been planned for weeks so I am a bit late on the whole ‘tracksuit-pufferjacket’ trend. I decided to shoot the outfit nevertheless. At the end of the day, I don’t really care about fashion rules. I wear what I want whenever I want and that’s how everyone should think in my opinion. And yes – in case you’re wondering how my ‘no shopping may’ is going – I failed. Bought a stunning pair of lace up jeans and the new Fenty X Puma bow creepers that were launched this month. But – I feel like in a very addict manor – I told myself ‘that’s it and no more buying’. Which is kind of a given since I am broke anyway. However, I can’t wait to show you my new babies in the next post. Guess we’re keeping this one rather short for once. Until then, XX



  • Pants – Pull & Bear
  • Shoes – New Look
  • Top – Topshop
  • Jacket – Pull & Bear



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Thank you Vanessa for taking the photos!

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