Bitch Better Have My Money

Rihanna is one of the view artists that I have been listening to since I was basically ten. I am not ashamed to admit that I probably know all of her songs from her baby days to the savage she has become. There is just something about her besides her obvious beauty and the fact that she doesn’t seem to age at all. Just the way she doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion and always does what she wants is truly inspiring and makes her an icon of our time. She is not afraid of taking risks and still slays the game whether it’s fashion, music, acting or her own make up brand that is soon to be launched. I should probably stop right here before this turns into an open love letter, I think you get the point. So two weeks ago, my friends and I planned a night out – shocking, sometimes even I leave my house – and of course I was fully dedicated to finding a cool outfit. While digging through my closet I found this black over sized faux fur coat that I actually had wanted to sell, but never got around to do so. However, looking at it I just realized that this was actually a pretty bad ass piece and – now everything makes sense – something I could picture Rihanna wearing. Long story short, I have fallen completely back in love and decided to style it in this post, which is btw the exact look I wore out minus the shades.

Now going from one woman that I love to another one, that I must say I adore even more. I think I have mentioned before that my best friend just came back from spending one year as an au pair in London. Even though she only had one week here until she was going on a family vacation and had a pretty full schedule, we managed to shoot 2 outfits and one other thing, that you can probably already guess. Therefore, I now have enough material for the upcoming three weeks, which I am really thankful for. She knows my struggle with finding someone to take photos and came to the rescue. I had so much fun and can’t  wait for her to be back once and for all. We are pretty much like an old married couple, there is nothing we don’t talk and joke about and even if we don’t meet up every single day, we know exactly what the other person is up to.  Anyway, she did an excellent job with the pictures so stay tuned for the more to come in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your support! XO 





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