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As I have said about a million times in previous posts, the destination of my very last trip this year was going to be Ayia Napa, a village in the eastern part of Cyprus. My mother and I just wanted one week of sun, ocean and the luxury of absolutely doing nothing before I am starting University in October. Also, we hadn’t really been on vacation together for over two years, so it seemed to be the perfect timing for a quick timeout. Of course, I took my camera with me and basically forced myself to bringing it everywhere we went. Looking at the pictures it was totally worth it and I am quite happy with the result. However, what kind of impression do you get when you see these photos? What kind of place is Ayia Napa just from seeing those 15 to 20 snapshots?


Don’t get me wrong,nature is beautiful around here. The water is crystal clear along the shore, you can basically see the bottom of the ocean from above and we haven’t had a day below 27 degrees. But I feel like the beauty of a place always ends up being a blessing and a curse. Because what you don’t see in those photos are things that I have intentionally left out of the frame. Trash, abandoned buildings that have never been finished, cheap restaurants with loud music and TVs, clubs, construction sites and the insane traffic for a village that used to be quiet. And all that because of the epidemy that seems to destroy every magical place. Tourists, tourists everywhere. I am fully aware of the irony that we are guilty ourselves, we as well traveled here and are therefore tourists. Maybe it’s because both of us expected something different, something a little bit more peaceful, the type of vacation that we usually go for. But I don’t want to complain, we probably should have done more research before booking and nevertheless we had a great time. Trying to capture Ayia Napa from its best side really taught me that you shouldn’t believe everything you see, especially on Instagram. People crop out the ugly things, advertising themselves and showing the perfect version of their life while at the end of the day a lot of it is just smoke and mirrors. Like the picture perfect impression Ayia Napa seems to give. However, no place, no object, no creature or human is perfect and yes, I even dare to say not even Beyoncé, even though she is pretty close. Don’t feel pressured when you feel like you’re living your life wrong because it doesn’t look like an Instagram feed. Spoiler alert, no life actually looks like that. know this post is long compared to my last ones, I just wanted to describe my thoughts regarding this experience as good as possible. I hope you don’t mind. XX




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