Everything Black

"This black hole's pulling me inside
Of this black heart, this black soul
Underneath this black, black sky"

I would consider myself being fully back home for about one and a half weeks. The 1 day I had between Bali and Amsterdam doesn’t really count in my opinion. Having been away for so long and then coming back is weird. I feel like as if I had been on another planet with a different time, a different life, different people and a different me. Here, nothing really has changed yet everything seems unfamiliar familiar. Walking the streets I still feel like a stranger in my own home. Memories come back, happy ones but also ones that I have been trying to forget. The emotional roller coaster continues and to be honest, I would like to get off now. Luckily, I instantly got a job and even one that I really enjoy for once. I have yet to get adapted to working 8 to 10 hour shifts at Calvin Klein Jeans. But my co-workers are very nice and make time go by pretty quickly. Also, working with cool clothes and 50% employee discount help as well. But most importantly, my new job and my ambition to actually attend my training lessons keep my mind occupied. I prefer being tired after being busy all day over being tired of – well, just being me and thinking my thoughts. Additionally, since I bought a bunch of clothes on (and – shame on me – after) my trip I got enough material to put outfits together for upcoming posts.


I don’t really know what I am doing here either
I might or might not have already used the employee discount

Basically, this look (apart from the denim jacket) was inspired by the song ‘Everything Black’ by Unlike Pluto. I’ll leave a link down below, I think it’s pretty cool. Anyway, an all black outfit is pretty easy to pull off and will never go out of style. Yet, there is so many ways to wear this color (or no-color). I decided to go edgy with my biker boots, leather jacket and fishnets underneath a black skinny. The buns just add a fun twist to the look. By the way, I also found a new blogger buddy  in @xtatjaana to take pictures with. The only thing that is still missing now is the good weather. For this one, we were basically freezing our butts off and even got in a hail storm hence why we haven’t taken that many pictures. We were also struggling with the different camera settings since the lighting kept changing all the time. It is now a goal of mine to finally learn properly how to use a camera and maybe only shoot in manual by the end of the year. But first things first. The next achievement is going to be a new closet. Mine is so small that I end up pulling everything out in order to find what I am looking for. Fingers crossed it works out how I want it to which means I should already have a new one next week. Of course, pictures and all that will be featured on my blog as per usual. You can follow me via email or on bloglovin’ to always be up to date with new posts! I would be happy to have you as a part of the community! Enough rambling, X


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  • Jeans – Joni Jeans from Topshop
  • Sweater – Monki
  • Jacket – Asos
  • Boots – Pull & Bear
  • Lipstick – Liquid Lipstick in ‘Queen B’ by Too Faced
  • Fishnets – H&M


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