Silk, Faux Fur And My Guilty Pleasure

I think everyone of us has them. Guilty pleasures. Those little things that make happy but are mostly not really good for us, our health, wallet, whatever. For me, it’s online shopping. To be more precise, my addiction to Asos. And it’s gotten bad. Really bad. It all started the day I got online banking also known as the day I turned eighteen. Since then I can’t really remember one week where I didn’t browse on the internet for clothing or wasn’t waiting for a package coming in the mail. It’s not my fault though. I mean how can you resist when you have a website full of beautiful things and basically free shipping like all the time?! But you know you really got a problem when it becomes a habit. Sad? Go on Asos for some distraction. Happy? Go on Asos to see what’s new. Bored? Yeah, you guessed it, Asos is the answer. So it’s no surprise there is probably no outfit post where Asos is not featured in some kind of way. This one is no exception.

Foto 21.08.16, 17 50 46

Foto 21.08.16, 13 27 32

Foto 21.08.16, 17 51 31

Foto 21.08.16, 13 21 27

Foto 21.08.16, 13 02 35

Foto 21.08.16, 13 00 45

Foto 21.08.16, 12 59 10

Foto 21.08.16, 13 21 06

Blogging did not help with my issue at all. In fact, it made it worse. Firstly, because it gives me the perfect excuse to spend my money on clothes like some guy in a strip club. Secondly, planning all these different looks is not as easy as it might seem. Ain’t nobody got time (and the patience) for running around in stores 24/7. At least I don’t. I rather go online looking for the perfect pieces with the comfort of not having to move an inch out of my beloved bed. And if I for some reason can’t find what I am searching for on Asos there are still plenty of other options on the internet available. Unfortunately, I am not rich and have to work for my money which I initially wanted to save. Oops, too late. So my goal for this month is to work more with what I already have in my closet instead of getting everything new. I will probably never abstain from online shopping for ever though. I think not resisting your guilty pleasure once in a while is healthy. Maybe not for your body, but for your mind. Life’s short, so pamper yourself once in a while. Ya.. I know. You caught me. Your girl here just tries to find some good excuses.


  • Dress – Asos
  • Shoes – Asos
  • Vest – Forever21 (of course FAUX fur!)


FYI – not sponsored. I just got a big problem.

Photographer: Paula Larsen

All copyrights belong to Paula Larsen.

Content created by Anna Zoe Lutz

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