How I Edit My Photos

As I have announced before, today’s post is going to be about my editing process and the stuff that I do to improve my photos and match them to my feed. Short disclaimer, I am by no means a professional and I mainly use my phone because a) all those programs like photoshop are quite expensive and b) I have no idea how to use them. So this is what I personally do from start to finish. I will to explain everything as best as I can, but just remember at the end of the day you have to find your own style and what makes your photos unique. There is definitely not just one way to go. Anyway, enough rambling and let’s get started.


First things first. This is the raw picture, if you will. No filter, no editing what so ever, basically just the file that I imported from my memory card. As you can see, I have a couple of imperfections here and there and the exposure is quite average, not too bright and not too dark. Good material to edit.


The next step might be a little bit controversial. Yes, I use FaceTune. No, I don’t change my body shape or complete looks in general. The only thing I do to my face is smooth my skin just a little bit and correct any blemishes that I have, but not to the extend where I look like a plastic doll or a 3D animation. Other than that I find FaceTune tools quite handy for lightening distracting colors that might be in the background or drawing attention to certain aspects in the picture with the detail tool.


The next app that I use after exporting my picture from FaceTune, is VSCO cam. The filter that I use is J3 which is part of the minimalism package. Above, you can see the photo with just J3 and without any further editing.



The next step is individual, depending on the lighting and undertone of the picture. I always set the contrast quite high and sometimes lower the brightness just a little bit. Then I set the temperature towards the warmer side, I change my “skin” to a more yellowy than red undertone and there is also the feature “color” where I slide the bar a tiny bit to the left. Then I lower the saturation as much as needed so that I don’t look too warm.



I only do this last step to the photos that I plan on using for my Instagram. First, I use a feed preview app called UNUM, where I can plan my feed and check if the photo that I want to upload matches my theme. Usually I have to increase the contrast even more, darken the shadows and brighten the highlights. Sometimes I have to lower the saturation once again. For that I simply use Instagram, I just set my phone into flight mode so that the edited version is saved, but not actually uploaded. Then I check how the picture looks in my feed again and repeat those steps if necessary.


And that’s it. This might seems a lot of work and steps for some people, and quite basic for others. For me personally, I love editing and playing around with different effects and settings and I feel like there is nothing more satisfying than successfully matching one picture to the rest of your collection. I mean there is, but you get what I am saying. Nevertheless, if you scroll down my feed you can tell that the style of my photos is constantly changing. I am just always ‘perfecting’, changing and improving my editing process which obviously leads to irregularities. I hope this post was somewhat helpful or interesting to read. At least I had fun doing it and next time when someone asks me about me about my photos I can just set them this link. XX



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