Into The Woods

If you look at the posts that I have done over the year, you might notice that I prefer clean backgrounds or usually any type of urban situation. I am not a huge fan of anything that is too distracting, especially when there is some color going on that could potentially clash with my outfit. This is the reason why I have stayed away from any type of greenery in my photos, even when there is just a little bit of weed I either correct it later on when editing or I simply – believe it or not –  rip it out. For today’s post I decided to ‘step out of my comfort zone’ and basically into the woods by going for an all green background. I thought with fall coming up it would match my thick suede coat and overall cozy vibes perfectly.

However, editing the pictures was not as easy as it usually is for me when I work with lighting and backgrounds that I know or am familiar with. It took me a while to decide which filter to use and I realized quite quickly that these pictures wouldn’t turn out the same as my other ones. They are quite dark and a little more gloomy and moody than usual. I’m not mad at it, it’s just a new style that I had to get used to, but now would love to incorporate in future pictures and posts. Speaking of which, I am thinking about doing one about my shooting and editing process in general, explaining the different apps and settings that I use. It’s not rocket science and I am by no means a professional, but I do get messages and questions now and then about what filters I use and so on. If you like you can subscribe to my newsletter or simply follow my Instagram to be notified when the next post goes up. I will try my best to stay consistent even though Uni life is about to start. Have a nice day and until then, XX




All copyrights owned by Anna Zoe Lutz

Photographer of the day – Emma


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Vans Old Skool Platform


Asos Suede Aviator Coat

Topshop Joni Jeans

Brandy Melville Shelly Turtleneck Top

Hat – Zara, last season


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