It’s Blue, Baby

I feel like I say this in every single post but this outfit is one of my favorites. It’s probably because it takes quite some time to put all these looks together. It all starts with me getting inspired by some kind of outfit on Instagram, Youtube or somewhere else. After that I spend some time – usually on the internet – looking for all the different pieces I need and don’t own already. Then comes the best part: waiting for the delivery. I know, this might sound weird but I always get really excited when I get an e-mail telling me that my parcel is on it’s way. When I am lucky everything works out and I don’t need to send any of the pieces back. After that follows the part of which you see the product of whenever I upload a post like this one. Taking photos is of course fun as well. But it is not as easy as some of you might think. It needs quite some preparation and planning besides the outfit: scheduling, checking the weather forecast 24/7 and finding a fitting location. Not only mentioned the spontaneous challenges like leaving the camera at home, leaving its battery at home (yes, it happened this time), hurting feet because of beautiful but very uncomfortable shoes and so on.


Arriving home with a memory card full of pictures the work does not end – at least for me. I usually start picking out and editing right away and continue with the text I have sometimes already written parts of beforehand. When I am finally content with everything  (which can take some time since I am the worst and most critical perfectionist ever) I click on ‘publish’, post an image on Instagram and a link on my twitter. Only then I allow myself to rest while I wait for any kind of feedback from you guys. Regarding all this effort you can probably understand a little more why every single post seems to be my ‘favorite’ one. And even though the amount of viewers of this website is still quite small I am going to continue following this passion of mine and dream big. I am a true believer in ‘hard work pays off’. Even if it’s only the feeling of satisfaction when looking proudly on something you put your heart and soul in.


  • Jumpsuit – New Look
  • Heels – New Look
  • Bag – Forever21
  • Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

All copyrights belong to Anna Zoe Lutz

Photographer: Paula Larsen

Location adviser #1: Lili Desilva :*

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