Lace Me Up

I lasted exactly 7 days until I broke my promise to not buy any clothes in the month of May. I remember passing by H & M and figuring just having a look wouldn’t be against the rules. Well, it isn’t. But falling in love with a pair of lace-up jeans and buying it two days later definitely is. Looking back, it was naive of me to take the risk of entering the store in the first place. Once I like a piece, I have no self control. I should have known that my stubborn self wouldn’t rest until it left the shop with the item in question. To my defense, these jeans are remarkably unique and I haven’t seen anything alike anywhere else. You could think that this kind of a statement piece is hard to style, but it actually isn’t. Just throw on a basic T, some sneakers like I did and you have a casual outfit that will still turn heads.

I must say H & M really have been stepping up their game as of lately. A lot of their pieces (like this gem) can easily compete with things from Zara or even Topshop – two brands that are famous for their fashion forward style that is often inspired by high end designers. This is the reason why I have been buying a lot more at H&M than I used to. So props to them for constantly evolving and keeping up with the latest trends. My fashion heart really appreciates it, even though my wallet doesn’t. Unfortunately, this is not the end of my shopping story, I have another item that made me break the rules once again. The Fenty X Puma Bow Creepers are going to be featured in the next post, so stay tuned for that. Until then! X



  • Jeans – H&M
  • T-Shirt – H&M
  • Sneakers – Calvin Klein Jeans

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Thank you, Vanessa, for taking the pictures!

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