Victoria Falls

When I was browsing through the selection of safaris on the internet I wanted to see something that I had never seen before. I had already been four times in South Africa by then and ticked off most of the animals on my list. Nevertheless, I ended up choosing a tour that would let me revisit the Big Five in the Kruger National Park in combination with seeing one of the widest waterfalls on earth. The Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zambia. 4 months later I found myself sitting in a hotel bar by the Zambezi river where my trip would eventually start. Luckily, I had met two lovely Aussie girls in a shared shuttle to our accommodation and we decided to visit the Victoria Falls together. I would also soon find out that literally everyone on my trip would be from Down Under. Anyway, the next day – after we had finally got rid of the very insistent salesmen along the street we arrived at the falls.  The Zambian side of the falls is closer to the water masses streaming down and we got drenched within minutes. Of course, this didn’t stop us from walking around, taking pictures from every single perspective possible of the breathtaking scenery.

The falls are about 1.7 kilometres wide..

… and 108 m high

Pretending not to look

The Victoria Falls Bridge – one of the Aussie girls bungee jumped off of it

View from the bridge to Zimbabwe

Apparently, you get a better view on the falls as a whole from the Zimbabwian (?) side. But unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go there. But we decided to walk down the Boiling Pot Trail, a path that leads to one of the many rapids of the Zambezi. All three of us had quite some trouble not to fall on the slippery ground and by the time we made it we were completely exhausted. Going back up represented a whole new challenge. However, not in the way we expected it to be. Baboons had left their trees and were wandering down the trail we were on. When I came to South Africa my uncle told me two things: never be out alone after sunset and do not mess with the baboons. These evil and not so little creatures are not only very talented thieves, but also have really long teeth. Long story short: we basically managed to do a 25 minute walk in less than half the time, combining running uphill and freezing whenever a baboon blocked the way. Eventually, we all came back  healthy and without any bite marks from infuriated monkeys. Looking back, the whole scenario is pretty hilarious and I still have to laugh about us shitting our pants about these animals. Speaking of which, I am now back in Cape Town and currently working on a few posts including one about animals. So please follow if you are interested in that or in any of my travel experience. In case you haven’t noticed you can now like my post by just clicking the heart icon below. Until then X




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