My Second Tattoo

When I got my first tattoo my mother almost asked anxiously if this would be the last one for the time being. She probably dreads the day I come home fully tattooed from head to toe and unrecognizable for her eyes. I am not gonna lie even before I got my lion tattoo I already had had another motive in mind in case I really liked this tattoo thing on me. Now, 6 months later my tattoo is not single anymore. There must be some truth in the saying once you got one you can’t stop. And if I have an idea stuck in my head I will not rest until I have made it become reality.  So I booked another appointment at the same studio I went to for my first tattoo and three weeks later I found myself lying on my back trying to block out the piercingly buzz of the tattoo gun.

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Pain was this time more of an issue than I expected it to be. Back when I got my lion I had to sit in a certain position with my arms crossed in front of me in order to stretch the skin on my back as much as possible. This uncomfortable position which made my shoulders and neck tense distracted me from the burning sensation of the needle in my back. Since I had to lay down this time I had no other pain – as strange as it sounds – to occupy my thoughts for a while. I was relieved when Alex was finally satisfied with his work and put on the plastic wrap. Healing did not take very long. The affected skin was sensitive for about 2 or 3 days until it got rough and patchy and started to peel off. After wearing the foil for two nights I let the skin breathe and made sure I applied some salve frequently. On the whole, I am very, very happy with the outcome to say the least. Yet, I think or I know that this won’t be the last tattoo in my life. But I will force myself to be patient and wait a couple of years before I commit to more art on my body. Btw, my mom asked the same question again and decided to answer it herself. This one would be the last one – at least for the upper part of the body. Found a loophole.


Photographer: Paula Larsen

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