Sporty Gal

I have never considered myself a sporty or athletic person until it sort of just happened. I was never really the kid to be all active, playing sports, running around and stuff. More like the reading, drawing, “please don’t make me catch things because I probably wont’t” type of girl. And I have always hated running, which is something that hasn’t changed at all. The only time you’ll see me run is probably for my life or out of money. But what has miraculously changed is that I actually found a sport that I enjoy. I have been kickboxing for about 5 years now and I still train at least 2 times a week. Whenever I tell this someone I am still astonished by how fast time flies and the fact that my lazy ass managed to pull through. Even though I sometimes have to force myself to get ready and leave my bed, I am always disappointed when for some reason I can’t make it to practice. Which just goes to show that everyone can find joy in exercise, you just actually have to give it a chance and find your thing.

Looking back, I have realized that working out on a regular basis has a huge impact not only on my body, but also on my confidence. I am definitely not perfect, but exercising makes me feel comfortable in my own skin and overall I am lucky to say that I am quite happy with myself. Moreover, since I have been kickboxing I have been frequently expanding my comfort zone and experimenting a lot more with fashion than I used to. I am much more open to play with different cuts, shapes and materials and sometimes I wear stuff that is not the most flattering on my figure, but I like it anyways because it doesn’t harm my self-esteem. It’s like being confident makes you take more fashion risks and fashion risks make you more confident. By the way, this look is not my workout gear. When you see me wearing this there is a 90 % chance that I actually slept in those shorts and was just too lazy to get changed. I guess you can be considered sporty or active and still do the least from time to time.



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