Styling The Mom 

There are literally only two styles of jeans that I religiously wear. The skinny and the mom. Yes, I am the type of girl that loves that retro eighties/nineties mom high waisted vibe. This style has been a trend for several years now and I think it’s not going away any time soon. There is just something so edgy yet casual about them that just makes any outfit a little more cool and laid back. As mentioned in my ‘Five Fashion Favorites’ I have just bought another pair from Zara that I really love which inspired me to finally style the mom in an outfit post.

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As you can see I went for this one very old school and retro-y with the blue bandana tied around my head. The tight bodysuit balances out the loose fit of the jeans and brings back more definition to the figure. I would wear this look right here on a warm summer day especially because of the loose fit that let’s the legs breathe a little. However, you could wear the mom whenever you want and since fall is right around the corner I will definitely be styling this style of jeans for the more colder months as well. Follow this blog if you want to updated with everything that happens on here in the future. Until then 😉


  • Mom Jeans – Zara
  • Sneakers – Adidas
  • Body – Asos
  • Headscarf – Asos
  • Bag – Asos

Photographer: Paula Larsen

All rights to the pictures belong to Paula Larsen

Content created by Anna Zoe Lutz


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