Cashmere Ousside, How Bout Da?

I know, the title is a little bit extra. I just couldn’t think of anything better and since the peachy knit sweater I am wearing in the photos is partly made of cashmere I came up with this wordplay. Anyway, this piece is my latest and also last purchase of the month. The next season is around the corner and the shops already display their fall/winter collection, even though it is technically still too warm for all the knits and coats. But knowing German weather this could change in a heartbeat and I can already see myself hunting for a winter jacket because my 16 other ones are just not doing it for me anymore. You know how it goes. Until then, I need to save my money for one last vacation this year. My mother and I are going to Cyprus and I can’t wait to be back at the beach before Uni starts in October.

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