The Bodysuit

Bodysuits have been on trend for quite some time now and I think there is no shop that doesn’t offer them in some sort of way. It’s probably because they are the ultimate tucked in shirt. No need of making sure it doesn’t  wrinkle up in some places since it always fits tight and basically can’t move nowhere. Bodysuits hug the figure perfectly and give off a very feminine look without trying too hard. I styled mine with some jeans and depending on my mood go more in the chilled and casual or the more girly and sexy direction. For this post, I have obviously opted for the first alternative with my favorite white pair of sneakers, a jean jacket and last but not least this silky dusty pink cap which by the way no one seems to like except me.

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So bodysuits are very practical as long as you don’t have to go to the restroom. Then they can easily become a nightmare where you find yourself pants down in a tiny toilet cabin desperately trying close all the hooks and buttons which is especially fun when you have had some drinks. I am not kidding when I say that there have been some occasions where I helped out a friend otherwise being stuck in the restroom for the rest of the evening. So besides being super trendy and fashionable the bodysuit has brought to me quite some funny memories, which makes me love it even more. Nothing is better than fashion that makes you feel good about yourself and creates awesome memories to look back on.


  • Jeans – Joni Jeans from Topshop
  • Bodysuit – Topshop
  • Sneakers – Superstars Adidas
  • Jean Jacket – H & M
  • Cap – Asos


Photographer: Paula Larsen

All rights to the pictures belong to Paula Larsen

Content created by Anna Zoe Lutz


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