Things To Do In Ubud

You might be wondering why I don’t post as frequently as I said I would. After Koh Tao I continued traveling through Thailand, but somehow I wasn’t really inspired to take pictures nor to write about my experience. To be honest, I was just being lazy and the last time I had used my big camera was for the post about the animals in South Africa. However, I made it my resolution to get out of this creative funk for my last stop of this journey, Bali. I knew that especially Ubud would be good material and so I took my camera with me everywhere I went.

Ubud is a little town in the south/middle of Bali and famous for its traditional Balinese architecture and rice fields. I had a great time just wandering in the streets and checking out the numerous shops and cafes. Ubud has a great mixture of Little boutiques and the usual surf shops like Billabong, Quicksilver and so on. However, I have been a good girl for once and only(!)  bought one bikini top that I just couldn’t resist. By the way, for people that prefer bargaining and negotiating with the locals there is also the Ubud market, where you can get nice souvenirs for relatively cheap. Animal lovers (like me) will also have fun in the monkey forest watching the monkeys fooling around and occasionally jumping on tourists. On one of my first days here, I took a scooter taxi to the Tegalalang rice terrace, which is one of the most popular ones about 8 km from the centre of the town. Of course, being the person that I am, I managed to get lost  and ended up walking through the jungle all by myself. At least, I got some really good pictures and – spoiler alert – made it eventually back to the main path.

Tegalalang rice terrace
Papaya, dragonfruit, watermelon and tea for a healthy breakfast – besides the pancake that I usually have afterward
Shops and boutigues
Monkey forest
Traditional Balinese dancers
House or temple?
Water lily at the Ubud Palace
Oldschool Volkswagen Beetle
Cafés with ice cream ‘Italian style’

Also, I highly recommend going to see a perfomance of traditional Balinese dancers. The one I went to was like a play, but instead of talking or singing the story was simply told by dancing and facial expressions, which I found really fascinating. Moreover, Ubud is also a really good place if you are into yoga or if you consider trying it out. There are good studios (like the’ Yoga Barn’ or ‘Radiantly Alive’) that offer yoga classes basically all day every day. I was thinking about it and then just been too lazy for any kind of exercise besides walking. To be honest, even just sitting around feels like exercising since it’s so hot and humid that you basically sweat all the time. I have been lucky and now when I am writing this is actually the first time that I had serious rain in Bali. Technically, March is still the end of the rainy season, but the showers usually only last for a couple of hours until it clears up again. Tomorrow, I am heading to Gili Air.  Hopefully the weather is good enough to maintain my tan –  I refuse to go back to being pale. Well, this attitude made me get the worst sunburn in a long time which is the reason why I didn’t include a photo of myself in this post. Anyway, the next one is going to be filled with picture perfect beaches. So if you are interested in that you can simply follow me on Bloglovin’ or by email to get a notification whenever I upload. Until then, XX


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